Today was my FAVORITE day of the session, every session. Today was Girls Day at the State House, an annual event sponsored by our friends at Maine Women's Lobby. 

100 eighth grade girls come to Augusta from all over the state. They learn about the legislative process, participate in a mock public hearing and stage a press conference. Every year, I am amazed by how smart, opinioned and articulate the girls are. It gives me great hope for our future as a state. These young women might consider running for office some day and it all started today!

Interestingly enough, the bill debated in a mock public hearing and press conference was LD 699, legislation that would allow single sex education in Maine. The ACLU of Maine was opposed to this legislation in its real public hearing last week before the Education Committee - although we remained neutral today. 

The girls in my mock public hearing and press conference unanimously voted against the bill. They stated lots of reasons for their opinions - separate but equal is not equal, girls and boys deserve the same education and how important it is for the genders to be socialized together. A couple of the girls even brought up how this could negatively impact transgender and gay or lesbian students in our schools. On a break, I shared with Shenna that it's a different world than when I was in eighth grade! 

All in all, an amazing day. Thank you to all the girls who make my year every session. You are shinning stars.