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Trump signs executive order, harsh treatment persists

After immense public pressure, Donald Trump signed an executive order that he claims would fix the issue of family separations at the border. However, more than 2,300 children have already been separated from their parents. For many, the nightmare is just beginning.

Additionally, the executive order does not stop the imprisonment of children. Instead of separating families, the administration wants to put families in prison camps.


No asylum for domestic violence victims under Trump

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced last week that the United States would no longer grant asylum to people fleeing domestic violence or gang violence. This cruel decision threatens the lives of so many people who could be safe if they were granted asylum in the America.


Employees, shareholders pressure Amazon on facial recognition

Earlier this year, the ACLU discovered that Amazon was aggressively marketing it’s powerful facial recognition software to law enforcement agencies and governments. This technology could be easily misused by government agencies. In response, the company's employees and shareholders have taken action, demanding that Amazon stop marketing the software to dangerous clients.


Challenging racist housing in Minnesota

The town of Faribault, Minnesota passed a housing ordinance that targets renters. This ordinance was aimed at pushing out the growing population of black people in Faribault who disproportionately rent their homes. The ACLU has sued on the behalf of one black resident who was unfairly targeted by this policy. 


Pregnant women face wall of workplace discrimination

Whether working on Wall Street or at Walmart, pregnant women in America face discrimination and hardships on the job. At some jobs, pregnancy stunts a women's career. Other workplaces fail to accommodate women to the point they become ill on the job.