The Maine legislature is considering two bills that would make it harder for some Mainers to vote. 

LD 121 would require Mainers to present photo ID at the polls in order to vote. 21 million Americans lack the government-issued photo identification needed under this bill; many of them cannot afford to pay for the documents required to secure one. Voter ID laws disproportionately affect poor people, people in rural communities, people of color and the elderly.

LD 155 would require increased scrutiny of voters who list a college dorm as their residence. It requires students to pay additional fees and taxes before they can vote. The Supreme Court struck down special residency verification requirements for students in Symm v. U.S. (1979).

While President Trump, Gov. LePage and other elected officials have made false statements about voter fraud, proponents of such laws have failed to show that voter fraud is an actual problem among college students or the general public, either in Maine or nationwide.

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