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Anthem protests

This week hundreds of NFL players knelt during the national anthem in order to protest police brutality. The people taking a knee have every right to protest the systemic racial injustices in this country.  Donald Trump’s response to the protests further revealed his racism.


Celebrating Banned Books Week

Books are banned and censored all throughout America each year.  Once a year the American Library Association lists their “Top Ten List of Most Challenged Books” which highlights books that people most often tried to ban. This week we celebrate the right to read whatever we want.

Alarming data collection on immigrants

The United States Depart of Homeland Security plans to start collecting social media data from immigrants in late October. This method of collecting all data is ineffective and has frightening implications when it comes to freedom of speech and privacy.

Press Herald: Maine’s physician-only abortion law must go

The Portland Press Herald’s Editorial Board argued this week that Maine’s highly restrictive physician-only law should be struck down by the federal court. The ACLU and Planned Parenthood are already at work, suing to get this law throw out and increase the accessibility of abortions to Maine women.