Save The Date

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This has been an exciting day in our office! It's like we're announcing a wedding by sending a save the date for December 29th. 

That's the day that same-sex couples will be allowed to start receiving marriage licenses in Maine. 

The Office of the Secretary of State confirmed that Governor Paul LePage certified election results on November 29th. After a 30 day waiting period, An Act To Allow Marriage Licenses For Same-Sex Couples And Protect Religious Freedom goes into effect.  For couples I met during the campaign that have been waiting decades for the freedom to marry, a few more weeks isn't too much longer to wait.

Some same-sex couples have already had wedding ceremonies with their families and friends or religious ceremonies with their faith communities - all they need now is a civil marriage license to legally commit to one another. Other couples are just now getting engaged and planning weddings for this summer or next fall. And some of us haven't set a date yet, but know that when we're ready, Maine will allow us to obtain a marriage license at our local City Hall.  

Regardless of what your plans are, we're working hard to put together resources about the new law for you to reference as you're planning your own legal wedding. Stay tuned for more details. 

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