In a victory for the rule of law, Senators Susan Collins and Angus Kingtoday announced their support for the declassification of a key report about the CIA’s condemned torture program. Releasing the report is essential to understanding the full extent of the program and preventing future abuse, according to the ACLU of Maine. The ACLU has long called for release of the report.

The Senate Intelligence Committee spent four years investigating the CIA’s torture program, but the results of the investigation – a 6,000 page report – have remained classified. Both Maine senators now sit on the Intelligence Committee, which is expected to vote this week on whether to release the Findings and Conclusions section and the Executive Summary of the report. 

The following can be attributed to Zachary Heiden, Legal Director of the ACLU of Maine:

“Maine should be proud that both of our senators have taken a stand for the rule of law and the right of Americans to know what our government is up to. With the support of our senators, we are one step closer to knowing the truth about a heinous and unlawful program that was carried out in our name. Torture is wrong, and only by bringing the facts to light can we ensure that history is not repeated. We hope the rest of the Senate Intelligence Committee will join Senators Collins and King and do the right thing.”