Voter ID Laws Create Many Problems While Solving None

Portland – The ACLU of Maine today called Maine’s election system strong and secure, and decried calls from Gov. LePage for Maine to put in place a discriminatory voter ID law.

There is no evidence that people go to the polls pretending to be someone else in order to vote. What's more, Maine law already requires election officials to check voter rolls against death certificates and other DHHS records. And courts have repeatedly found that voter ID laws place a greater burden on poor people and people of color – communities that already face greater barriers to participating in democracy

The Maine legislature has repeatedly rejected attempts to pass a discriminatory voter ID law.

The following can be attributed to Oamshri Amarasingham, advocacy director at the ACLU of Maine:

"Gov. LePage and others like him crying 'fraud' are wrong. We have an incredibly strong and secure voting system in Maine. Gov. LePage should be proud that Maine has among the highest voter turnout in the nation. He should encourage more qualified people to participate in the process, not make it harder for them to do so."