New Ad Calls on Senator Collins to Demand Clear Answers from Nominee About Women’s Right to Choose

PORTLAND — As President Trump closes in on his pick to replace Justice Kennedy, the American Civil Liberties Union launched a TV ad buy in Maine. The ad calls on Senator Collins to insist Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court take a clear public position on a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.

“President Trump has promised to replace Justice Kennedy with someone who would take away the constitutional right to have an abortion altogether,” said Faiz Shakir, ACLU National Political Director. “Maine has always been a leader when it comes to protections for women. For Senator Collins, who has stood strong against prior attempts by politicians to undermine the liberty of women, this is no time to gamble those rights away."

"Senator Collins has the power to change the debate and protect women's reproductive rights," said Alison Beyea, executive director of the ACLU of Maine. "We urge Senator Collins to stand up for women everywhere and stay strong on this critical issue." 

The ad began airing this morning across cable and broadcast in Maine and will run through Monday, July 9. The ad buy is part of a larger advocacy effort that includes email campaigns, phone banks, and partnerships with other organizations to support grassroots efforts nationwide.

A similar ad by the ACLU began airing in Alaska this morning.

The ad can be viewed here: 

The ACLU’s statement on Justice Kennedy’s retirement can be found here:

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