Gov. Paul LePage joined an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to take on EEOC v RG & GR Harris Funeral Homes. The case involves Aimee Stephens, who was fired from the funeral home RG & GR Harris after she came out as transgender.

The ACLU represents Aimee, who filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opprtunity Commission. A federal appeals court found that Aimee was discriminated against under Title VII. RG & GR Harris, represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom, has asked the Supreme Court to review the case, a move which the ACLU opposes.

The ACLU of Maine issued the following statement in response to Gov. LePage's action: 

"This move by Gov. LePage is harmful and hurtful. Mainers voted overwhelmingly to prohibit discrimination like this, and most of us know that discrimination is wrong. The governor can believe what he wants on his own private time, but when he is representing the state he ought to stand up for Maine values."

More information about the case is here: