Rep. Lockman of Amherst has introduced LD 1833, "An Act to Facilitate Compliance with Federal Immigration Law by State and Local Government Entities." This bill tells towns and cities that their local law enforcement must also act as immigration agents, and punishes municipalities that don't comply. 

It is nearly identical to last year's LD 366, which was rejected by the legislature.

Take action: sign the petition to tell legislators we won't stand for it.

Then, contact your senator and representative and tell them to OPPOSE LD 1833. 

Talking points:

  • This bill capitalizes on anti-immigrant fervor and makes immigrants less welcome in Maine.
  • Federal law does not require local law enforcement to engage in federal immigration enforcement.
  • This bill amounts to racial profiling by singling out people perceived to be "foreign" for different treatment.
  • We are all safer when there is trust between communities and law enforcement. This bill will undermine that trust by making immigrant communities fear the police.
  • Local law enforcement officers are not trained as immigration agents and can't be expected to interpret very complicated immigration laws.
  • Local governments should not be forced to choose between their budgets and the Constitutional rights of their residents.

Read more on the Maine Legislature page.