The First Amendment in Maine is under threat, and legislators need to hear from you to protect it. Soon, Maine legislators will vote on bills to allow the state to spend government funds on religious schools.

Whether it’s Direct Tax Credits (LD 1092), Municipal Subsidies (LD 250), or any other mechanism, public funding for religious schools is wrong for Maine. Email your legislator now and ask them to protect the First Amendment.

For decades, Maine has argued in Court that the State has limited funds to spend on education; that Maine wants to avoid entanglement with religious entities; and that Maine is worried about accountability with the money it spends. These arguments are as true today for Maine as they have been over the past fifty years. We still have limited money for education and want to avoid religious favoritism. Spending Maine tax dollars on religious entities would fund discrimination, too, since religious institutions are exempt from Maine’s non-discrimination laws.

Click here to email your legislator and ask them to oppose any bill that would spend Maine tax dollars on religious institutions.