The New York Times reported today that the Obama administration lifted a stay on filing new charges in military tribunals.

These tribunals are a perversion of justice.  They do not afford any semblance of due process, they allow for hearsay evidence, and they ignore the years of isolation and torture that the detainees have been forced to endure

Tribunals allow the abuse of power to continue and are fundamentally at odds with the U.S. Constitution and international human rights law.

Obama not only supports the tribunals but would have us believe that some prisoners are "too dangerous" and need to be held indefinitely without trial.  It's a stunning example of how an executive can never be trusted to willingly give up authority--and will openly take back core campaign promises once elected.

The ACLU has a website devoted to closing Guantanamo and ending military commissions.  There's a counter tracking how long Gitmo has been open under Obama, 776 days and counting....