The last few months of the legislative session have been full of ups and downs here at the ACLU of MAINE – moments of stress and of excitement, nail-biting and celebrating. During a staff meeting today, however, it became truly clear how many successes we really have had since January.

The ACLU of MAINE, together with coalition partners, both likely and unlikely, have defeated many unconstitutional and harmful bills. 

Today though, we joined with a number of those partners to announce the beginning of a People’s veto campaign to combat the repeal of the same-day voter registration law – one of our few losses. 

The campaign will be fast and furious but we are confident that we can be successful! Maine has a long standing tradition of high voter turn-out and a major part of that is due to the inviting registration process. Young people who are showing up to the polls for the first time or a new family to the neighborhood can easily register to vote and involve themselves in their local community, as well as with state and federal elections.  

If you are a reader of the ACLU of MAINE blog, you probably already know all of this, and some of you have been voicing your opinion about the repeal of same-day registration on the facebook page.  Now that we have officially launched the campaign to get rid of this law, you can actually get involved! Click this link and fill out your contact information and one of our organizers will get in touch with you soon.