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Trump’s destructive actions on healthcare

This week, the Trump administration announced it would end very important pieces of the Affordable Care Act. Federal payments that help subsidize coverage of low-income and high-risk patients will now end. This is expected to raise premiums and hurt the most vulnerable people in our country.

Trump ends birth control mandate                

The Trump Administration announced this week that it was rolling back an important regulation that helped increase access to birth control. The rule, which required companies to cover birth control, is another attack by the administration on reproductive freedom.


The new Muslim ban

Donald Trump keeps trying to ban immigrants and refugees from majority-Muslim countries. This new ban is critically worse than the first because the restrictions are indefinite. States and the ACLU are already fighting to end this executive order.


Your right to boycott is under attack

Legislation that criminalizes the act of boycotting Israel is becoming more and more common. This week the ACLU sued Kansas after the state blocked a schoolteacher from working because she refused to certify that she would not boycott Israel. The ACLU does not take a side on the actual boycott itself; however, the right to boycott is a constitutional right.


Maine minority students face frequent harassment

The ACLU of Maine recently published a report that details the incredible level of harassment and bullying that non-white students face in Maine. This report will hopefully provide resources to help remedy the discrimination present in Maine schools.