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DHS draft report reveals troubling surveillance tactics

A draft report generated inside the United States Depart of Homeland Security reveals disturbing discriminatory practices within the department. The document suggests that Sunni Muslims should be subject to long-term surveillance by the U.S. government simply because of their religion. This harmful religious profiling is a deeply concerning element of surveillance that is becoming more prominent under the Trump administration.


Guantanamo to stay open under Trump

Trump has now signed an executive order aimed at keeping Guantánamo Bay prison open. This reverses Obama’s effort to begin closing the prison that has become an international symbol of abuse.


Suing for transgender rights in Alabama

Alabama law requires transgender individuals to show proof of gender-confirming surgery in order to receive a license that matches their gender identity. Because of this law, many Transgender people in Alabama do not have an accurate ID and face unnecessary burdens and dangers. In order to stop this discrimanatory law, the ACLU helped three transgender people file suit this week.


Trump administration considers abortion “reversals”

Last year, the Trump administration tried to unconstitutionally block an undocumented teenager from getting an abortion. The ACLU helped successfully get this girl the procedure. However, Trump officials began considering whether they could force the girl to get an unscientific abortion “reversal” procedure. This consideration is part of growing list of ways the Trump administration is trying to chip away at constitutional abortion rights.