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Mother and daughter reunited

After four months of separation, the ACLU helped reunite a mother and daughter this week. The pair had fled the Congo fearing violence, only to be detained and separated once arriving in the America.


Asylum seekers persecuted by ICE

Asylum seekers across the country are facing persecution and detainment at the hands of the Trump administration. These are people fleeing violence and danger in their home country, only to find themselves imprisoned when they try to start a life in America. This week, the ACLU helped filed a class-action lawsuit to stop this mass detainment.


Washington State shows how to expand voting rights

This week, the Washington state legislature passed an expansive package of voting policies aimed to increase voting accessibility. This included a version of the Voting Rights Act for the state level, automatic voter registration, election day registration, and pre-registration for 16 and 17-year-olds. Legislation like this is part of a wave of action aimed at ensuring that everyone can vote.


Haspel’s torture record still classified

Gina Haspel, Trump’s nominee for director of the CIA, has a dark history as a leader of torture programs during the Bush administration. Before the Senate begins confirmation hearings for Haspel, the CIA should come clean on Haspel’s record on Torture. The American people deserve to know.




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