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Dangers of Trump's voter fraud commission  

Trump's voter fraud commission is starting to unravel as state officials from both parties are worried about handing over sensitive voting information. Maine's Secretary of State, Matt Dunlap, who sits on the commission, has reversed his opinion and decided that Maine will not turn over voter data.

The dangers of this commission remain, especially because the commission plans to conduct much of its work in secret. The ACLU filed suit this week in order to ensure that the public can hold this commission accountable .

Millions act in support of net neutrality

Thousands of companies and millions of people acted to keep the internet free and open yesterday. Net neutrality is widely popular across the political spectrum. Join millions of others in the fight to protect your freedom on the internet. 

Twitter trouble for Trump

A group of twitter users filed suit against the president after he blocked them from his official Twitter account. Believing that the president's Twitter feed is a public forum, the plaintiffs argue they have a first amendment right to be able to access and engage with the information from Trump's Twitter account.

Crackdown on non-criminal undocumented immigrants  

In a previously unreported February memo, the head official of Immigration and Customs Enforcement allows enforcement officers to arrest any undocumented immigrant. This memo likely explains the harsh spike in deportation of undocumented immigrants with no criminal history.

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Healthcare is a civil right

There have long been deep racial disparities in the American healthcare system. As the Senate continues to look at harmful changes to healthcare, a look back at history reminds us how cuts to Medicaid and other changes to the Affordable Care Act will perpetuate racial injustices in the American system. 

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Affordable housing and racial justice in Portland

Portland housing prices have been skyrocketing and the negative effect on people of color is clear. Read about the need to greatly expand the city's low-income housing units.