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Orlando police continue to test facial recognition product

The Orlando Police Department has decided to keep testing a facial recognition product developed by Amazon. Dozens of civil rights groups have voiced concerns over the use of facial recognition by police departments.

China provides an example of how technology like facial recognition and artificial intelligence can we weaponized by the government. The Chinese government is using these new technologies to tightly control and track their citizens.


Kavanaugh must state position on Roe v. Wade

On Monday, President Trump announced that Brett Kavanaugh would be his nominee to replace Justice Kennedy. When confirmation hearings begin, it is our Senators' job to ensure we know where Kavanuagh stands on abortion.


Changes to Michigan voting system coming

Michigan has one of the most outdated voting systems in the country. Currently a Michigan resident must register to vote 30 days before the election, early voting is exceedingly difficult, and military personnel overseas face barriers when trying to cast their vote. With over 400,000 signatures collected, there will be a proposal on the November ballot to fix all of this.


House Reps propose allowing adoption agencies to discriminate

Members on the House appropriations committee adopted a measure that would allow adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBTQ couples on the basis of religious discrimination without losing federal funding.