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Time for Congress to pass DREAM Act

President Trump says he will end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) if Congress does not act. DACA recipients are Americans. It is time for Congress to pass the DREAM Act in order to protect dreamers.


Anti-abortion measure hidden in tax bill

In the recent draft of the tax reform bill,  Senate Republicans hid language that is aimed at eroding abortion rights. The language tries to establish personhood for embryos and fetuses. This move is part of the continual attack on constitutional rights established in Roe v. Wade.


Trump administration targets disabled DACA recipient

The Trump administration has detained a disabled undocumented immigrant for a month without charging him. Felipe Abonza-Lopez, a DACA recipient, has been mocked and treated cruelly during his prolonged detainment. Felipe’s situation is part of a disturbing erosion of immigration and disability rights under the Trump administration.

Two weeks ago, the ACLU helped secure the release of Rosa Maria Hernandez. As a 10-year old girl with cerebral palsy, Rosa Maria’s detainment sparked outrage from the nation and action from the ACLU.

South Carolina will stop jailing people for unpaid fines

In the past, South Carolina would jail you if you couldn’t pay government fines like traffic tickets. This practice, which essentially jailed people for being poor, will now come to an end. 

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