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The problems with Trump’s 2020 Census

The Department of Commerce released the questions that will be asked on the 2020 Census this week. The questions are full of dangerous bias. The administration is including a question about citizenship. This raises concerns that some communities will have lower response rates and be underrepresented.

The administration is not asking any questions regarding unmarried LGBTQ people. Important information about the struggles facing LGBTQ people could be gleaned from the census if the administration included questions about sexuality and gender.


Trump orders National Guard Troops to Mexican Border

This week, Donald Trump signed an executive proclamation sending troops from the National Guard to protect the border. This is an unnecessary move that takes attention away from real immigration issues facing the country. The focus should be on the 800,000 Dreamers who still need protections.


Abuse and neglect revealed at Mississippi private prison

This week, in a federal civil rights trial, the horrors at a private prison in Mississippi were revealed to the public. Guards did not prevent prison gangs from beating up other prisoners. A mentally ill man on suicide watch hung himself. This horrific treatment speaks to larger concerns about conditions in private prisons. This is especially concerning given the Trump administration’s push to make private prisons a larger part of America’s criminal justice system.



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