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CPB running wild in Maine

Customs and Border Patrol agents have been unnecessarily stopping people all across Maine. They have been especially active along the coast - stopping 21 Canadian fishing boats and countless boats from Maine. Why is CBP wasting time and resources disrupting hardworking fisherman along the coast? We don't know - that's why the ACLU is suing to figure out. 


Babies forced into immigration court

At least 70 children under the age of 1 have been order to appear in immigration court by the Trump administration since last October. Many of these infants may have had no representation in their proceedings and can't even talk yet.  


Trans discrimination at CVS 

A young transgender woman, Hilde Hall, was trying to fill her first prescription for hormone treatment at a local CVS when the pharmacist refused and shamed her in front of other people in the store. CVS cannot go on allowing this sort of discrimination and hatred in their stores. 


Police reform victory in Milwaukee

A decades-long stop-and-frisk program in the city of Milwaukee amounted to intense racial profiling of the city's Black and Latino populations. A settlement reached this week will end this program and requires the police to take concrete steps to end racial profiling.