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Heartless, inhumane deportations

The Trump administration’s immigration enforcement policies led to another cruel circumstance this week. A 10-year old undocumented immigrant with cerebral palsy was stopped at a checkpoint on the way to the hospital. Immigration officers followed the ambulance to the hospital and waited as she received emergency surgery. Now, the young girl may be deported.

Jane Doe’s abortion case resolved, fight continues

This week, a judge ordered that the government must allow Jane Doe to receive an abortion. Jane Doe is an undocumented minor that the government has been unconstitutionally preventing from getting an abortion. The case is illustrative of broader attacks on immigrant and reproductive rights.


DHHS failing to respond to worrisome audit

In August, a federal report revealed that the Maine DHHS failed to sufficiently investigate the deaths of 133 adults with disabilities in recent years. Almost three months later, a lawmaker who serves as the commissioner of the Health and Human Services Committee called DHHS’ response “vague and unsatisfactory.”

New surveillance methods

Emerging police surveillance tactics like facial recognition, drone monitoring, and cell phone tracking are concerning – especially when it is not known what tactics police are using. Police department should be required to tell the public what surveillance methods they are using and what restrictions those methods have. 

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