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Federal court victory for asylum seekers

In a victory for asylum seekers, a federal court in Washington ruled that Trump’s broad detention of asylum seeks was not legal. Previously, the Trump administration had not been allowing asylum seekers to be released on humanitarian parole while they await immigration proceedings.


Families remain separated, detained

Even after the ACLU’s court victory, where a federal judge ordered that children and parents at the border must be reunited, families remain separated across the country. Families who are together are being held in family prisons.


New dangerous anti-transgender legislation introduced in Ohio

A bill introduced last week in the Ohio state legislature would require school counselors, psychologists and social workers to tell parents if their children approaches them with questions about gender identity or gender dysphoria. This could be incredibly dangerous to children who don’t have supportive families. And workers who fail to out these kids would be charged with a felony.

Justice Anthony Kennedy resigns                               

An important moderating force on the Supreme Court, Justice Anthony Kennedy, resigned last week. The Reagan appointee cast critical votes on issues like marriage equality and abortion rights.