Each Friday, we’ll bring you updates on the latest civil liberties news from Maine and the nation. This week, we bring you highlights from around the country, courtesy of the nationwide ACLU.

“Today is March 1st – the start of Women’s History Month, which is dedicated to honoring women throughout history who have taken part in the movement to advance women’s rights. Over the years, women have fought tirelessly against discrimination to break down the social and economic barriers to gender equality.” Read more.

“More than 45 briefs from religious leaders, members of Congress, retired military generals, children's advocacy groups, civil rights groups and others will be filed today in support of Edith "Edie" Windsor's challenge before the U.S. Supreme Court to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).” Read more.

“The use of surveillance drones is growing rapidly in the United States, but we know little about how the federal government employs this new technology. Now, new information obtained by the ACLU shows for the first time that the U.S. Marshals Service has experimented with using drones for domestic surveillance.” Read more.

“During the signing ceremony of the Voting Rights Act, President Lyndon B. Johnson characterized the law as "one of the most monumental laws in the entire history of American freedom." Since that day, this landmark civil rights law has steadily and surely defeated and deterred countless discriminatory and varied barriers to the ballot.” Read more.