If you logged onto the ACLU of Maine Facebook page today, you were greeted with a new timeline photo:

Like other ACLU affiliates all around the country, we’re standing with Texas today. More specifically, we’re standing with Texas women, who are faced with a bill in their legislature that threatens to shut down most every abortion clinic in the state.
Last week, Representative Wendy Davis stood for over 13 hours to filibuster this sweeping anti-abortion bill, but her victory could be fleeting. Governor Rick Perry has called another special session that begins today, and despite the public’s opposition to this legislation, politicians are again trying to turn back the clocks on women’s health care.
We can’t be in Austin today, but we're still standing with Texas women -- and you can too! Send a message to the Texas Legislature and tell them you won't stand for this attack on women's health. The ACLU has created a super easy form to take action, so it will literally take less than a minute of your time.
Wendy Davis showed incredible courage by standing for almost 13 hours, forcing the Senate to listen to testimony they refused to hear during the legislative process. Now let’s stand with her.