LD 165, a bill that would make it easier for more Maine citizens to vote, seeks to amend the Maine Constitution to allow for early voting. The bill does not mandate towns to adopt early voting, but would create an option.

Representative Shaw of Standish sponsored the bill and the ACLU has been working hard to get it passed through the House and Senate. Because it would change our state's constitution, it requires 2/3rds of the House to pass. An initial vote today passed the House - but it's not over yet!

Early voting, which is different than our current system of in person absentee voting, was piloted in 9 Maine towns in 2009. Just last year, the Elections Commission appointed by former Secretary of State Summers unanimously endorsed early voting. In some towns, 60% of voters vote absentee. Early voting would make the job of town clerks easier by removing the need to process votes on election night.

Do you support early voting? Let your representative and senator know ---- this bill is going to be voted again TUESDAY in both the Senate and the House!  Let the person elected to represent you know how you feel about early voting.

You can reach the Maine Senate at 1-800-423-6900 and the Maine House at 1-800-423-2900. If you aren't sure who your representatives are, click here to search.