Last week we told you about some privacy bills that were passed by the Maine Legislature and sitting on the governor's desk waiting to become law. Today we've got an update for you, and it's good!

(editor's note: this post has been updated to reflect the Legislature's override of the governor's veto on one of our bills)

Here's where things stand:

LD 1377, which would require warrants before the police could read your text messages or obtain your cell phone records: became law on June 8 after Gov. LePage took no action on the bill, which easily passed in the Senate and the House.

  • Outcome: win!

LD 1040,which would require permission before placing cameras on private property: became law without the governor's signature on June 29.

  • Outcome: win!

LD 236, which would require a warrant before the police could spy on you with a drone: passed the Senate and House before being vetoed by the governor. Unfortunately, the legislature failed to override the veto. Although the governor has said he will issue an executive order directing the Commissioner of Public Safety to establish guidelines for the use of drones, that action is not sufficient to safeguard privacy in the face of powerful drone technology.

  • Outcome: more to do

LD 415, which would require warrants before the police could track you with your cell phone or other GPS device: the governor vetoed this bill, but as of this writing the Senate voted to override that veto! The House is expected to vote on it later today.

  • Outcome: we're hoping for the best!
  • 4:45 UPDATE: The Maine House voted to override the governor's veto on LD 415! Read more here.