You might have heard of a bill making its way through congress called the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act of 2015, or "American SAFE Act of 2015." Despite the catchy title, the bill has little to do with safety. It actually creates barriers against the most vulnerable people seeking safety in the U.S. Unfortunately, the bill has already passed the House and is headed to the Senate soon. We're calling on Senator King and Senator Collins to take a stand against this discriminatory bill and vote no on the "SAFE" Act.

Syrian refugees are victims of the same terrorists who attacked Paris. Their homes have been destroyed and they have been subjectd to rape, torture, and violence. They have watched the murder of their children and relatives. They have endured dangerous journeys to seek safety, and we cannot turn our backs on them now.

We have the experience of history, and the shame of the Japanese Internment Camps and rejection of Jews seeking safety during World War II. We have the opportunity to make the right decision this time. We are a country that prides itself on the protection of human rights and liberty, and we must uphold those values in the decisions we make during these challenging times.

Want to get involved? Take a moment to call Senator King and Senator Collins and ask them to represent the values of Mainers and vote NO on the "SAFE" Act.