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Law Can’t Mandate Good Family Communication

LD 31 would only allow young people to maintain confidential healthcare if the teen is married, serving in the military or living independently of her parents. State legislators need to hear from Maine parents who support confidential medical care for our teens.

Studies show that when young people are assured that providers will maintain their confidentiality, they are more likely to seek safe and professional medical care and counseling. These bills would prohibit physicians from prescribing medications to teens or providing substance abuse or mental health treatment without first receiving consent from a parent or guardian.

Good family communication cannot be mandated by law. Some teens are unwilling or unable to talk to their parents about sexual activity or contraception because doing so could place them at risk of physical violence or abuse. The most important thing is that all teens are able to get counseling and professional medical care in a timely manner. These bills would do the exact opposite by taking away confidential, preventative care that is currently available to minors.