Like the Internet the way it is now?  Then you're a supporter of net neutrality and you should sign this petition to protect Internet freedom.

Today, the ACLU joins an array of Internet companies and advocates in an "Internet Slowdown" to illustrate a world without robust net neutrality protections that prevent broadband providers from slowing down or blocking sites and services that can't afford to pay a premium for faster access to consumers.

High-broadband access providers like Comcast and Verizon want to split the internet into "fast and slow lanes". A tiered Internet means we'll pay more for service and more for access.

Most of us have at most one option when shopping for high speed service. This lack of competition is exactly why we need real net neutrality rules now. We enforce antitrust laws to ensure that companies who provide poor service or charge too much face competitors that can lure away customers and force them to do better. But we have little protection in the broadband market. We need the FCC to step in and protect users who simply can't vote with their feet and move to another provider.

You can help.

First, sign the petition. After that, there's still time to file comments with the FCC urging it to reclassify broadband service as common carriage under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. Those are due September 15. Want to do more? Call your member of Congress and your senators, and ask them what they are doing to protect the open Internet.