Chaz Bono has been described as a "reluctant transgender role model."  Thank goodness for his honesty and willingness to be public about being transgender.  He helps all of us who are willing to listen understand what it might be like if your gender identity doesn't correspond to your birth gender.  But all transgender people should not have to live a public life like Chaz, constantly explaining themselves to everyone else.  As the Bangor Daily News said today, "Transgender people deserve privacy, dignity in public bathrooms."  LD 1046 would change all that, turning Maine businesses into gender police, keeping track of who can or can't use the bathroom.  This creates all sorts of legal liability problems for businesses, in addition to the humiliating and degrading impact on people whose gender is challenged when they attempt to use the facilities.  Check out today's editorial in the Bangor Daily News.  Then, support our transgender neighbors, support our local businesses -- oppose discrimination, oppose LD 1046. 

We have passed over one hurdle.  On Friday, the Judiciary Committee, against all odds, voted 8 to 5, to oppose LD 1046, but we need your help to persuade legislators in both the House and the Senate to follow the Judiciary Committee's lead to defeat this bill.  Maine voters passed anti-discrimination protections for all Mainers, including transgender Mainers, in 2005.  It would be a shame to roll back those civil rights protections.