Two days ago, a federal judge in Manhattan ruled that the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act  (DOMA) is unconstitutional. This case follows on the heels of a separate 1st circuit court of appeals decision on May 31st that also declared DOMA unconstitutional.
The ruling came in an ACLU case brought by 83-year-old widow, Edith Windsor. Edith lived with her partner for 44 years. The New York Times featured her in this article where she says, ““If Thea was a Theo, I wouldn’t have had to pay,” Ms. Windsor said. “One letter.”
When her partner died, she was required to pay over $363,000 dollars in federal inheritance taxes: if her spouse was male and their marriage legal, she would have had to pay nothing.
Click this link to hear Edie tell the touching story of her life with Thea.