Exciting news out of New York as Governor Andrew Cuomo plans this week to announce an executive action that will create a limited medical marijuana program. Nineteen of the fifty states now have medical marijuana laws on the books with nearly one- million patients nation-wide able to legally utilize marijuana to alleviate their medical symptoms.

Four medical marijuana bills have made it through New York's House of Representatives only to stall in the Senate. Cuomo, however, is bypassing the legislature by utilizing a little known provision in public health law known as the Antonio Olivieri Controlled Substance Therapeutic Research Program that allows for the use of controlled substances for "cancer patients, glaucoma patients, and patients afflicted with other diseases as such diseases are approved by the commissioner."

While this program will be more restrictive than medical marijuana systems in states like California, it is a significant step - especially from the state that brought us the Rockefeller Drug Laws. To read more about the Rockefeller Drug Laws on our New York Affiliates work on reform click here

There is growing momentum nationwide to end the failed War on Marijuana. We are excited to see New York state take this step towards reform!