As a new map out from the ACLU makes clear, Maine is a leader on protecting the privacy of our residents. 

The map shows the privacy laws on the books in each state in four areas:

  1. law enforcement access to electronic communications content
  2. location tracking
  3. automatic license plate readers
  4. domestic surveillance drones

Addressing these issues goes a long way toward protecting privacy in the digital age. With your help, we worked hard to pass laws in Maine addressing three of the areas; unfortunately, Gov. LePage vetoed a bill that would have required a warrant before the police could spy on you with a drone.

Allie Bohm has more over at ACLU national, including this insight: "If there’s any lesson from this map, it is that in every geographic region in this country—and in every color state—people are clamoring to update privacy laws to keep pace with technology."