Yesterday, we participated in an LGBT forum at the State House. Twenty senators and representatives from both sides of the aisle attended. Alongside our partners Equality Maine and GLAD from the Yes on 1 campaign, we briefed legislators on marriage equality, since the new law went into effect just a few weeks ago

On December 29, 2012, Mainers in same-sex relationships were finally given the right to marry their partners. Public officials, like town clerks and notaries who perform marriages, may not refuse to marry same-sex couples.  That would be discrimination under Maine law. The new law makes clear that no religious institution is required to perform same-sex marriages.

As we get further into the legislative session, we're on the look out for bills that would allow public officials to used religion to discriminate against same-sex couples. 

But for now, we're happy to report that we have not heard any stories of same-sex couples being discriminated against at the altar!