June has been officially proclaimed to be LGBT Pride month

All month we have seen positive effect all over the country. At the beginning of June the Department of Education hosted an LGBT Summit to discuss equal access to education for students that identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. At the end of the summit the Dept. of Ed released a “Dear Colleague” letter, sent nationwide,  in support of students’ right to form Gay Straight Alliances.  These student groups help young people engage in meaningful conversation about the LGBT issues and garner support and understanding from one another.

In New York, lawmakers are debating gay marriage and are only one vote short of passing a bill to make them the sixth state in the nation to make it legal. Fingers crossed for the vote tomorrow!

In San Francisco, the Giants put together the first It Gets Better video by a professional sports team! (watch it here!)

And right here in Maine, this weekend is 25th Annual Southern Maine Pride.  Join in the fun on Saturday with the parade starting in Monument Square at 12:30pm and the festivities taking place in Deering Oaks Park all afternoon!