Today from the ACLU blog, researchers revealed that iPhone is keeping track of users' location information and storing that on both the device and the computer to which it connects.  Essentially, your iPhone is creating a virtual map of your travel and whereabouts.  Blackberry users like myself shouldn't feel too smug yet.  You too are being tracked.  Unfortunately, location data from mobile devices can be used to track and map your whereabouts, what you do, and who you see.  Find out just how much privacy you have (or don't) at and demand your "dot rights" here.  Whether it's Apple or AT&T, Verizon, or Facebook, all of these companies should be voluntarily informing you, the consumer, when the government is asking for your information, so you can protect yourself, and these companies should disclose to you -- the customer -- when they are sharing your most private information with the government.  The ACLU is lobbying for an update to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. It's time to lobby for an upgrade to our privacy rights.