A British immigration officer successfully kept his wife from returning to England for three years after putting her on the no-fly list.  He was just fired, but the story makes you wonder:  who monitors these no-fly lists, and what can you do if you were placed on the list by mistake or malice?  You can read the full story at the Daily Mail.  We've reported extensively on the problems with the United States no-fly list.  Depending on who you believe, the no-fly list includes between 400,000 and 1,000,000 names.  Individuals who find out they are on the list when they are prevented from flying are never told why they're on the list or what they can do in order to remove themselves from the list.  The late Ted Kennedy was perhaps the no-fly list's most famous victim.  TSA has told some people, like all the Robert Johnsons in the country, that they will never be removed from the list.  The ACLU is suing to have the no-fly list declared unconstitutional.  Watch our clients tell their stories on this video.  Then, contact your members of Congress, and tell them, it's long past time to reign in the TSA.