December 10 marks Human Rights Day, an occasion to renew our individual and collective commitments to advancing civil and human rights for all people. This year, Human Rights Day coincides with a worldwide day of remembrance and celebration of the life of Nelson Mandela - an international beacon of human rights who passed away last week. 

Over at the nationwide ACLU blog, Jamil Dakwar has this important post about honoring Mandela's legacy and how we as a nation can and must continue to improve our own record on human rights. 

Here in Maine, you can join us today, Tuesday, December 10, at 5:00 p.m. in Portland's Monument Square for a brief vigil to recognize the passing of this extraordinary world leader. All are welcome. 

As Jamil writes, "Together, we can build a society and human family that truly honors the courageous life of Nelson Mandela. Together we can ensure that world leaders, including the United States, place human dignity and human rights at the center of their priorities and actions. Only then will Madiba's legacy truly be honored."