At our annual dinner on Thursday, I was honored to be introduced as an official staff member of the ACLU of Maine. I began working here in mid-April as the Marriage Program Coordinator.  This job is a great opportunity for me to work full time on an issue I care very deeply about.

The ACLU of Maine has been involved in winning marriage for same-sex couples since before 2009. Last time, we focused our efforts on reaching religious leaders across Maine who were supportive of marriage for all Mainers. The ACLU of Maine was so successful a coalition of clergy from a variety of faith traditions was formed, the Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry. We also helped to form a group called Catholics for Marriage Equality. We were proud of our work then, and we're excited to renew our commitment to this cause for the upcoming election this November.

Check out the video below:

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To get involved in Day of Action on Saturday, May 19th, please visit the Mainers United for Marriage website here: