Student attorneys at the Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic and the Refugee and Human Rights Program at the Maine Law School recently published a guide for immigrant victims of domestic violence. While the guide should not be used as a substitute for legal advice, it does provide invaluable information for individuals whose fear of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may keep them from contacting authorities. The guide is comprehensive. It details different signs of an abusive relationship, lists free community resources available for victims/survivors, and outlines the steps for obtaining a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order. Ideally, obtaining a PFA will not affect a victim's immigration status. The guide also explains for possible immigration options for victims of violence: U-Visas, T-Visas, asylum, and obtaining green cards through the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Information provided by an abuser cannot be used against a victim in immigration proceedings. It is important for us all to know that there are laws to protect all victims of domestic violence living in the US, regardless of their citizenship or immigration status.