After over ten years of war in the Middle East, tens of thousands of civilian deaths and casualties, and at a cost in the climbing trillions, the United States yesterday assassinated Osama bin Laden, the linchpin in the so-called "War on Terror."

In Washington D.C. and New York, American flags were hung out, jubilant crowds gathered, chants of  "USA" were in order.  Obama declared today "a good day for justice"and remarked, "the world is safer."

Perhaps we are safer from bin Laden; the real question is: are we safe from ourselves?

The Bush policies (now Obama's) are today more firmly entrenched than ever.  To say they have eroded civil liberties and the Rule of Law in our county is a gross understatement. 

While Obama tells us we're safer, underlings are quick to say nothing has changed.  We're now being warned a terrorist attack is even more likely.