February 11th is a big day in mass surveillance. No, the government isn’t debuting round-the-clock aerial surveillance – although that could be coming soon. Rather, Tuesday is a big day because it’s a chance for us all to fight back against the idea that we should be watched and spied upon by our own government for no reason.

The ACLU has joined with a number of other organizations to drive a coordinated online protest against the surveillance state. It’s called “The Day We Fight Back,” and it’s really easy to take part.

There are many different ways you can get involved, whether it’s changing your profile picture in solidarity, posting an NSA-related story to your blog, or calling your legislators and telling them to support the USA FREEDOM Act, a bill that would give us our best chance yet to rein in dragnet NSA surveillance.

Visit thedaywefightback.org for some ideas or to download photos to share on your social media sites. You should also feel free to come up with your own way of protesting. Our hope for this coordinated protest is not that everyone does the same thing, but rather that so many people do something that politicians and policymakers are unable to ignore the fact that mass surveillance is massively unpopular.

If you want to learn more about mass surveillance, or if you're looking for some good articles to share with your friends, visit "Time to Rein in the Surveillance State" at ACLU.org.