The ACLU is doing its best to protect and promote your privacy, and that means standing up to unnecessary and unconstitutional surveillance by the government. That's why we filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit last year to force the Justice Department to release two key memos outlining their views about when Americans can be surreptitiously tracked with GPS technology.

Unfortunately, despite discussing the existence of the memos publicly last year, DoJ is refusing to turn over the documents with out heavy (really heavy) redactions. That means our nation's top law enforcement agency doesn't think you should even know what guidelines it uses for deciding to track someone's whereabouts, possibly without a warrant.

Where you go tells a lot about who you are – where you go to church, how often you go to a bar, who you visit. Given the sensitivity of location information, we believe the government should have to obtain a warrant based on probable cause before tracking you using your cell phone or GPS device.

Here in Maine, we'll be working to ensure proper safeguards are in place that allow law enforcement agents to do their job to keep us safe, without subjecting us to needless intrusion into our most private details.