As I write this blog, I’m gazing across the Saint John River onto the beautiful snowy slopes of the Canadian countryside. My location is Madawaska, a picturesque little community that proudly calls itself “the most northeastern town in the United States.” While one could certainly justify taking a vacation here, that is not my purpose. I’m here on an educational mission, and my objective is clear: teach tomorrow’s leaders about the Bill of Rights.

Madawaska is one of five towns we’re visiting this week – in addition to Fort Kent, Limestone, Houlton, and Fort Fairfield – as part of an Aroostook County education tour. Last week we traveled to Greenville, Oakland, Scarborough, and South China, and in the weeks ahead we’ll make similar treks to other towns all across Maine.

We think it’s essential that every student, no matter where they’re from, be taught about their rights and given a chance to ask questions about the civil liberties issues that matter most to them. If we want to make that vision a reality, we can’t just stay within a small radius of Portland and leave the rural communities to fend for themselves. That’s why we were so pleased to reach schools in all 16 counties last year, and it’s why we continue to devote our resources towards offering presentations to rural towns like Madawaska at no charge whatsoever.

If you’re a teacher or you know one that would like to host us, it’s not too late to schedule a visit. You can always call our office at 774-5444 or e-mail me at I’d be delighted to tell you more about our education program and to schedule a visit in your town – whether it means a 15-minute drive out of Portland, or a 350-mile trek to the northernmost town in Maine.