Today, Shenna, Oami and I took to the halls of the State House in Augusta. It was fun to meet and greet all of the new and returning legislators, Republicans, Democrats and Independents. 

We spoke about our priority bills for this session - all focused on privacy. Whether it's online privacy, preventing unconstitutional use of drones or protecting you from an employer who wants full access to your Facebook account, we are ready to put necessary privacy protections in place. 

We'll also stay informed about all of the issues we care about here at the ACLU, weighing in on bills whenever necessary. Our lobby team is committed to listening, even when we might not fully agree. 

It's going to be an exciting session. Though today was chilly, I'm certain Spring will be here before I know it! 

Here's a picture of Shenna, Oami and I in the hallway outside of the Senate chamber: