This holiday season, the ACLU is celebrating one of the most important freedoms in the Constitution--Freedom of Religion.  Actually, it is more than one freedom, since it includes our individual rights to believe and practice the religion of our choice, as well as freedom from government preferences of particular religions or religion over non-religion.  America is the most religiously diverse country in the world, in large part because the government is prevented from interfering with religion by the First Amendment.

The First Amendment doesn't defend itself, though, and over the years, the ACLU has stepped in to protect the right to freely practice one's religion.  To celebrate freedom of religion, the ACLU is counting down "Twelve Days of Religious Liberty" on the ACLU Blog of Rights.  We filed a brief in today's case, along with our colleagues from around New England, in support of the rights of Jehovah's Witnesses to travel the public streets and sidewalks of Puerto Rico in connection with their religious obligation to proselytize and share their faith.  I'm very proud of our work on this case, and all of our religious freedom cases.  Happy Holidays.