Here in Maine, any loving couple that wants to get married can do so. But in most states around the country, that’s still not the case. The ACLU wants to highlight this unfair patchwork of state marriage laws, and so we’re doing the most fitting thing: we’re throwing some big, gay (il)legal weddings!

Last night, 33 couples got married live on the Grammys to the roaring sounds of “Same Love,” an anthemic single by Macklemore, who recently filmed a promo video for us here at the ACLU. But you don’t have to be a fan of pop music to get in the game. We’re giving $5,000 to couples with the best ideas for how they’ll cross state lines to tie the knot. We’re looking for same-sex couples that live in a state where marriage is illegal, but bordering a state where it’s legal. (Believe it or not, there are 32 states that meet these criteria.)

You can check out some of the couples that have already signed up for the contest at, and you can even cast your vote for which ones you think should win.

While we’re certainly having a lot of fun with this contest, it’s rooted in a very serious issue: exposing the utter absurdity that a theoretical line separating one state from another should be the determining factor in whether two people who love each other can choose to get married.

So if you know any same-sex couples from non-marriage states that are looking to get hitched, send them to Or, if you just want to have some fun and be involved with the contest, head over to the website now and vote for your favorite couple.