The ACLU has come a long way since our founding way back in 1920, and not just through the cases we’ve won and the legal precedents we’ve helped set. We’ve also changed the way that we communicate with the public – and perhaps more importantly, we’ve changed the way in which the public can communicate with us.
Recently we’ve been taking major steps to expand our online presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. We’ve been finding new ways to reach out and connect with people of all walks of life and get their thoughts on the civil liberties issues that matter most to them.
Here at the ACLU of Maine, we’ve set up a brand new Facebook page to reflect our new name. If you check it out and “like” us then you’ll be able to get updates on the work we’re doing, and you’ll also be able to comment and respond with your own thoughts and ideas. We’re also on Twitter, where you can follow us under the moniker @ACLUMaine. We update both of these pages daily and we’re always looking for feedback, so join our online community and tell us what’s on your mind!
In addition to what we’re doing here in Maine, the national ACLU has recently been exploring all sorts of new ways to engage and connect with people from around the country. For example, this Thursday afternoon at 4pm there will be a live Facebook discussion on civil liberties in a post-9/11 America. You can log on and participate in the discussion in real-time, either on Facebook or on Twitter. Last week, the ACLU live-blogged from a book launch of Dick Cheney’s new memoir, and we've got lots of other exciting events in the works as well, which we'll be announcing in the weeks and months to come.
In addition to live discussions, the ACLU has recently launched a neat Facebook site dedicated solely to advocacy. From one central page you can access nearly a dozen direct advocacy actions, covering a host of different issue areas that we work on. From net neutrality to birth control to torture, you can find petition forms for the most pressing civil liberties issues, all from one single page.
We’re excited about these new tools because they allow us to better connect with people from around Maine and from around the country. Please join us by “liking” our new Facebook page, and don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have ideas or suggestions for new ways that we can engage with our growing online community.