As the 2014 legislative session comes to a close, I’m still holding my breath for five bills that have made their way to the governor’s desk. The governor has until next week to decide whether to sign, veto, or let the bills pass into law without signature.

  1. LD 1194, a committee to study how best to protect student and employee privacy in the age of advanced technology and social media.

  2. LD 1679, funding for the Maine’s very successful HIV prevention education program – in fact, the program has been so successful that Maine is no longer competitive for federal funding, which prioritizes high-risk states.

  3. LD 1686, the life-saving Naloxone bill. Read Grainne’s in-depth blog post here.

  4. LD 1765, a commission to review and revise the criminal code, which hasn’t been looked at comprehensively in over 40 years – in other words, since before the war on drugs began.

  5. LD 1789, funding for the judicial branch to enter the 21st century and create a system of e-filing, thereby greatly increasing access to justice.

Each of these bills touches on a different core ACLU issue – privacy, LGBT rights, drug policy, criminal justice reform, and basic access to justice. I hope Governor LePage agrees that these bills advance the civil liberties of all Mainers. Fingers crossed!